Westpac FAQs

What is Westpac Live Registration Process?
Stage 1: Call 1300 650 107 to establish Westpac Live
Stage 2: Select option 2
Stage 3: Do not enter customer number and wait
Stage 4: Say the words “Employee Benefit Card”
Stage 5: Do not enter customer number and wait
Stage 6: Call centre will complete identification and establish Westpac Live
Stage 7: Provide your Westpac Solutions/Entertainment Card Number
How can I login to the Westpac Website after I have registered?

Once you contact Westpac on 1300 650 107 and register over the phone, you may visit www.westpac.com.au to access Westpac Live.

How do I get my Westpac Online Banking password?

When you register for Westpac Online Banking you’ll be provided with a temporary password. You must change this password when you first access Online Banking.

When should I expect Funds to be available on my cards?

Funds will be applied to your Westpac card in the early hours of the morning following each payroll.

How can I check my card transactions/ balance?

Real-time Balances can be checked through Westpac Live, ATM or by calling Westpac on 1300 650 107. You may also check your card balance by logging on to RACV Salary Solutions website however; this balance will not be real-time and is updated once daily.

How can I make a BPAY transaction?

To utilise the BPAY option you should be fully identified at a branch. Please visit a Westpac Branch and advise the branch staff that you would like to be ‘fully identified to be able to use Westpac Live’. Branch staff will conduct a 100 point Id check. Once verified and registered for Westpac Live you can log on and follow the instructions online to make the payment. It is important that you check if the bill you are paying accepts payment via credit card through BPAY.

Will I get any SMS notification regarding the credit of funds?

Westpac will not send any SMS notification, however real-time balance and transactions can be checked by logging on to Westpac Live.

Is the card PIN number mailed to the same address as the card, how many days later/earlier will it arrive?

The PIN letter is sent 3 days after the card is sent to the cardholder’s residential address.

Can the card PIN be changed without receiving the PIN Letter?

Yes, the PIN can be changed through Westpac Live (internet banking) or at a Westpac Branch.

Will the card have tap and go available?

Yes, all cards are issued with the tap and go functionality. You will be able to tap your card to make transactions under $100 without using a PIN. Tap and go can still be used for over $100 however a PIN will be required.

Should I inform Westpac before travelling overseas?

It is advisable that you notify Westpac when travelling overseas, this will assist with fraud monitoring. You can notify Westpac by calling 1300 650 107 or log onto Westpac Live and update it there.

How can I report a card lost or stolen?

Please contact Westpac at 1300 654 107 to report a Lost or Stolen card and order a replacement.

What is the process for a fraudulent card?

In most circumstances Westpac will detect fraud on a card and place either a temporary or permanent block on the card and contact the cardholder immediately to confirm spend. If you suspect a fraudulent transaction on a card please contact Westpac on 1300 650 107 to notify the potential fraud.

Is the card number the same for the Primary and Additional card?

Primary and Secondary cards have the same card number.

Will Primary and Additional cards share the same funds?

Both cards share the same funds available on the card.

What will happen if either card needs to be reported lost/stolen?

Regardless of which card is reported lost/stolen both cards will need to be stopped and new cards issued to the Primary and Additional cardholders.