Entertainment Card FAQs

How does the Entertainment Card work?

The Entertainment Card works in a similar way to the Solutions Card. Your employer deducts an agreed amount from your salary every pay and we transfer it to your Entertainment Card.

Unlike the Solutions Card however, money allocated to your Entertainment Card must be spent on dining out. Simply use it like any other VISA card when you’re paying for your meal.

Is there anything I can’t use the card for?

There are FBT restrictions that apply to your Entertainment Card.  To comply with Fringe Benefits Tax legislation, your card cannot be used for:

  • drinks if you’re not paying for a meal at the same time
  • paying tips
  • buying theme park, cinema, concert or sporting event tickets
  • taking out cash advances
  • making BPAY payments
Can I use my Entertainment Card overseas?

Yes your Entertainment Card can be used where VISA is accepted both in Australia and overseas. If you are planning on using your card overseas, please notify Westpac on 1300 655 505 prior to your departure to assist in managing fraudulent use.

What is the benefit of having an Entertainment Card as well as a Solutions Card?

If you already have a Solutions Card you’re taking advantage of your general tax-free limit. By including an Entertainment Card, you get an additional $2,650 tax-free limit on top of your general tax-free limit. This means that each FBT year you can allocate $15,900 or $9,010 of your pre-tax salary, depending on your industry to a Solutions Card, and an additional $2,650 to an Entertainment Card.

I'd like to take advantage of the increase in Entertainment benefit. How do i do this?

A great benefit of the new Westpac Entertainment card is that you can use it to pay for meals, venue hire, and holiday accommodation, so you no longer need to package to these items separately. From July, once we have transferred all cardholders from their ANZ card to a new Westpac card, we will be contacting those employees packaging to Entertainment benefits, to discuss increasing their packaging. We will ensure that the full annual allowance will still be enjoyed. If you would like to increase your packaging before then, please call us.

How do I change my Entertainment Card PIN?

The Entertainment Card is managed by Westpac. If you need to change your PIN, log in to your Westpac Entertainment Card account online through Westpac Live or contact Westpac on 1300 655 505.

What if my card is lost or stolen?

If your Solutions Card is lost or stolen contact Westpac as soon as possible on 1300 655 505.